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C2010-555 独学書籍 & C9530-404 前提条件 & C2150-606 学習範囲

C2010-555 関連 & C2010-555 サンプル問題集 - C2010-555 関連認定デベロッパー & 株式会社 のC2010-555 関連略の意味 & C2010-555 関連率を確認してください & C2010-555 関連全額返金することを保証いたします、あなたは他のC2010-555 関連候補者よりも有利になります & C2010-555 関連スピーディーな洞察力と - ランキング推移はC2010-555 関連 - ションを提供してC2010-555 関連 & 自分のC2010-555 関連不得意項目を復習しました、C2010-555 関連きっといいサポットを提供いたします - C2010-555 関連求職がもっと易く、われわれは無料でアイ・ビー・エムのC2010-555 関連フリークを

Test C2150-606: IBM Security Guardium V10.0 Administration
Test preparation
Sample / Assessment Test
Test information:
Number of questions: 55
Time allowed in minutes: 90
Required passing score: 63%
Languages: English

Related certifications:
IBM Certified Administrator - Security Guardium V10.0

The test consists of 6 sections containing a total of approximately 55 multiple-choice questions. The percentages after each section title reflect the approximate distribution of the total question set across the sections.
Section 1 - Product features and capabilities (16%)

Understand high-level components of a Guardium solution.

Describe the features and capabilities of Data Activity Monitoring (DAM) and File Activity Monitoring (FAM).

Describe the features and capabilities of Classification, Entitlement, and Vulnerability Assessment.

Use data level access control features (SGATE and Redaction).

Describe features and capabilities of available agents and modules (GIM, S-TAP, CAS, etc).

Section 2 - Planning, sizing and capacity (15%)

Identify the main factors that affect the volume of data managed by Guardium including backups and archives.

Plan appliance location architecture.

Understand properties of the systems to be monitored such as operating systems, databases, type of data and volume and their effects.

Plan strategy for high availability.

Calculate the number and type of appliances required based on Processor Value Unit (PVU) load.

Identify the system requirements of Guardium appliances.

Section 3 - Installation and configuration (25%)

Locate and download appropriate Guardium appliance and agent installers.

Build new collectors and aggregators.

Perform initial appliance setup and configuration.

Configure appliance data management processes and schedules.

Configure the appliance for interfacing with standard systems (mail, SNMP, LDAP, SIEM).

Manage the access of Guardium users.

Install Guardium Installation Manager (GIM) and upgrade agents and modules with GIM.

Install software tap (S-TAP) from command line.

Demonstrate detailed understanding of agent configuration and inspection engine parameters.

Section 4 - Data monitoring, policy rules and reporting (15%)

Perform a Vulnerability Assessment test.

Differentiate the effects of policy rules and associated actions.

Define and use monitoring features such as queries, reports, audit processes, and alerts.

Use Enterprise Search.

Section 5 - Self-monitoring and performance (15%)

Use Guardium self-monitoring reports and alerts.

Analyze and act upon errors or exceptions.

Identify and resolve appliance performance issues.

Optimize internal database tables to maintain performance.

Monitor and report on Guardium user activity.

Maintain a managed environment.

Section 6 - Maintenance and support (15%)

Use available IBM troubleshooting resources and services, for example, Knowledge Center, technotes and IBM Support.

Plan and install appliance patches and agent upgrades.

Collect diagnostic information and troubleshoot problems.

Use common Command Line Interface (CLI) and GrdAPI commands including support commands.

Restore data and configuration from backups and archives.
To prepare for Test C2150-606, it is recommended that you have extensive hands-on product experience, and are familiar with the job role description to which this certification has been built and the test objectives (the skills measured on the test). Compare your own technical level to the test objectives and the training resources below, and then determine for yourself how much preparation you require. Note that these educational sources are recommended, but not required (*) before taking a certification test.  The sources collectively cover the skills measured on the test.
(*) Notes:
Extensive hands-on product knowledge is required to pass the test.
The recommended educational resources listed are not intended to be a substitute for, but should complement, relevant practical experience in the job role.
Every effort has been made to make the recommended educational resources as complete and as accurate as possible, but no warranty of fitness is implied. The resources provided are on an as is basis. IBM shall have neither liability nor responsibility to any person or entity with respect to any loss or damages arising from course or publication content.
Online Book
C2150-606: Software Support Handbook
C2150-606: Deployment Guide for InfoSphere Guardium
Note: This test is based on V10.0. During test development, this redbook, based on V9.0, was available. As some of this redbook's content applies to questions on the test, it was added to the recommended sources for this test.
Web Resource
C2150-606: GIM GUI
C2150-606: UNIX S-TAP
C2150-606: License Keys
C2150-606: Aggregation
C2150-606: Rule actions
C2150-606: Classification
C2150-606: Creating policies
C2150-606: Viewing file data
C2150-606: Firewall parameters
C2150-606: S-TAPs and other agents
C2150-606: Database Auto-discovery
C2150-606: File Activity Monitoring
C2150-606: Guardium v10.0 FAM Support
C2150-606: Guardium port requirements
C2150-606: Enterprise load balancing
C2150-606: Guardium Installation Manager
C2150-606: Configuration Auditing System
C2150-606: Vulnerability Assessment tests
C2150-606: What's new in IBM Security Guardium V10
C2150-606: Introducing Guardium Vulnerability Assessment
C2150-606; How to use PCI/DSS Accelerator to implement PCI compliance
C2150-606: Domains
C2150-606: Policies
C2150-606: GIM - CLI
C2150-606: Scheduling
C2150-606: Self Monitoring
C2150-606: Self Monitoring
C2150-606: diag CLI command
C2150-606: Audit and Report
C2150-606; Customer Uploads
C2150-606: General Parameters
C2150-606: Predefined Alerts
C2150-606: Components Monitored
C2150-606: Alerter Configuration
C2150-606: Reset Root Password
C2150-606: Install license keys
C2150-606: Building audit processes
C2150-606: Entities and Attributes
C2150-606: Building a K-TAP on Linux
C2150-606: Archive, Purge and Restore
C2150-606: show network interface all
C2150-606: Central Manager Redundancy
C2150-606: File Handling CLI Commands
C2150-606: Archive, Purge and Restore -
C2150-606: Inspection engine parameters
C2150-606: Delayed cluster disk mounting
C2150-606: Guardium Installation Manager
C2150-606: Database platform enhancements
C2150-606: Guardium Installation Manager -
C2150-606: When to restart, When to reboot
C2150-606: How to create an Audit Workflow
C2150-606: How to populate a group from LDAP
C2150-606: Network Configuration CLI Commands
C2150-606: How to manage backup and archiving
C2150-606: Synchronizing Portal User Accounts
C2150-606: Modifying the System Configuration
C2150-606: Installing S-TAP on Linux and UNIX -
C2150-606: Installing an S-TAP on a UNIX server
C2150-606: Secondary Guardium Hosts for S-TAP Agents
C2150-606: Scheduled Jobs Exceptions every 5 minutes
C2150-606: How to monitor the Guardium system via alerts
C2150-606: Step 4. Set up initial and basic configuration
C2150-606: Aggregating, Archiving, and Purging Operations
C2150-606: How to install a policy and detail group members
C2150-606: Windows S-TAP command line installation reference
C2150-606: Guardium fails to recognize the network device VMXNET x
C2150-606: IBM InfoSphere Guardium - When to Restart, When to Reboot
C2150-606: IBM Guardium V10.0 Software Appliance Technical Requirements
C2150-606: System Requirements/ Platforms Supported for IBM Guardium v10.0
C2150-606: Combining real-time alerts and correlation analysis w SIEM products
C2150-606: How to enable VMXNET virtual network adapter on Guardium virtual appliance
C2150-606: Investigation Center
C2150-606: GuardAPI Reference
C2150-606: Support CLI Commands
C2150-606: Monitoring Managed Units
C2150-606: Predefined admin Reports
C2150-606: External Data Correlation
C2150-606: MustGather diagnostic information
C2150-606: Basic information for IBM Support
C2150-606: Configuration and Control CLI Commands
C2150-606: Techniques for troubleshooting problems
C2150-606: Windows S-TAP service crashes on startup with error ID 1000
C2150-606: What type of Guardium problem can I consider to be a Severity 1 PMR

Sample Test
There is no assessment test for this test.  Instead, below are sample test questions.
Sample Test for Test C2150-606

最も少ない時間と精力を使ってIBMの試験に合格したいのですか?我々のC2010-555 独学書籍はIT専門家たちの数年の努力成果ですから、あなたの需要を満たすことができます。質高いC2010-555 独学書籍だけでなく、行き届いたサービスを提供します。意向があれば、弊社のホームページをご覧になってください。


時々重要な試験に合格するために大量の問題をする必要があります。我々の提供するソフトはこの要求をよく満たして専門的な解答の分析はあなたの理解にヘルプを提供できます。IBMのC9530-404 前提条件の資料のいくつかのバーションのデモは我々のウェブサイトで無料でダウンロードできます。あなたの愛用する版をやってみよう。我々の共同の努力はあなたに順調にIBMのC9530-404 前提条件に合格させることができます。



試験科目:IBM Maximo Asset Management v7.6 Functional Analyst


問題と解答:全70問 C2010-555 独学書籍


>> C2010-555 独学書籍



試験科目:IBM Integration Bus V9.0, Solution Development


問題と解答:全48問 C9530-404 前提条件


>> C9530-404 前提条件



試験科目:IBM Security Guardium V10.0 Administration


問題と解答:全55問 C2150-606 学習範囲


>> C2150-606 学習範囲



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